Wellington and Dummer Fun Day

Wellington and Dummer Fun Day – 21st June

The day consisted of the Introduction to Dressage Tests 2 and 4, Handy Pony and the Walk in the Woods.

The Wyfold Group have sent an account of the day together with these wonderful photos of their riders, their families and volunteers, giving a thumbs up to the RDA at the Wellington and Dummer Fun Day.

“It proved to be a very enjoyable and rewarding day and well worth the effort of ‘getting it all together!’. The smiles of our riders and the happy faces of our parents were our biggest reward.

These sorts of occasions are very important as they produce memories to be cherished and experiences to be valued.

Sadly only 2 teams turned up, which was a great shame as these events take an awful lot of planning and organisation. However, it did mean that Wyfold carried home a heap of trophies and rosettes which delighted their riders and families.”

We hope Wellington and Dummer organise a Fun Day next year and more groups can go to support such a great day out.