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South Region RDA – Direct Contact Details

Regional Chair – Diane Lee- Tel. 07710357846 or email: [email protected]

Regional Coaches

Regional Physio– Nona Dane- Tel. 07854379271 or email: [email protected]

Regional Driving Representatives

Regional Dressage Representative– Antigone Bentley RDAC- Tel. 07775661522 or email: [email protected]

Regional Showjumping Representative– Theresa Drake RDAC- Tel. 01628528982 or email: [email protected]

Regional Publicity Officer– Katy Lake- Tel. 07421749831 or email: [email protected]

Regional Treasurer- Emma Scott– Tel.07595745142 or email: [email protected]

New Group Liasion Officer– Frances Lochrane- tel. 07798941229 to email: [email protected]

Regional Participants Representative– Natasha Wait- Tel. 07766853559 or email: [email protected]

Regional Safeguarding Representative– Anne Coney- Tel. 01494791357 or email: [email protected]

Regional Vet– Ryan McCarthy- Tel. 07710801525 or email: [email protected]

Regional Secretary– Diana Devine- Tel. 01344626981 or email: [email protected]

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    South Region RDA – Find a Group

    If you are in need of contact details for a specifc group within the South Region, please see our Groups page.