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Road to Restart

Hopefully many groups have now re-started or have plans in place to do so. If your group has already been signed-off to restart activity by RDA National Office, there is no need to reapply after local or national lockdowns to continue with the approved activities.  However, as and when you plan to reopen, please email [email protected] to let us know, so that we can ensure that we are aware, and that you can be given the support you need.

If you are looking for recorded webinars and other ‘how to’ videos visit the MyRDA YouTube Channel :  


Any resources with changes are clearly dated and any key changes affecting actions in a group have been written in blue.  Groups do not need to make any retrospective changes to anything already completed.

All resources on this and the other Road to Restart pages have been developed by a working party of RDA staff, group/regional volunteers and trustees, who will continue to meet and agree amendments and additions to resources, as government guidance inevitably changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do talk them through with your Regional Chair, Regional Coach or email the RDA National Office team: [email protected]

Please keep safe.

RDA’s policy is that Groups, volunteers and participants should continue to refer to and follow the current official Government advice. You can find this, and more information, here: This page will always contain the most up to date information. We will therefore not be reprinting this information in our own messages, to avoid out of date advice circulating.

The NHS website also provides guidance on the symptoms, how the disease is spread, and how to avoid catching or spreading germs. You can view this at

Coach reviews, First Aid and Safeguarding Updates

We understand that some training or reviews have a deadline attached to them to enable your coaches and volunteers to continue supporting your group. For the time being, we are issuing 6 month extensions on coach reviews and first aid courses.

Whilst safeguarding training should be updated every three years and alternated between face-to-face and on-line, if anyone is due to update their safeguarding and it should be face to face, they can either:

  • Delay face to face training for up to 6 months i.e. by end of September


  • Update online, providing face to face training is then attended within 12 months.

Please be assured; we have run this by our insurers who have agreed the extensions in the current circumstances.

Coach assessments

We advise postponing all coach assessments for the foreseeable future. We know this will be a frustration for the coaches affected, but we must prioritise the health of everyone involved, including the riders and volunteers who would be needed. This will mean the coaches will need to continue to be supervised until such time the assessments can be rescheduled.

Closed groups

Understandably, many RDA groups have now taken the difficult decision to close. We fully support this action and know it has not been made lightly. The impact on participants will be significant, as well as for volunteers, for whom RDA provides an important community.

We will continue to support groups as much as possible during this difficult time. There will be a few staff in the office and the majority will be working from home, but please continue to contact us – by email wherever possible.

National Office

National Office remains open, but will be operating with a skeleton staff in the office, with the majority of staff working from home. Please contact us by email wherever possible at [email protected].

Staying safe

Most importantly, we urge you and everyone involved at your group to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. This is an unprecedented situation for all of us and there is still a lot of change to come. We will do our very best to stay in regular contact, to support you and your community as much as possible, and we wish you all the very best of health and good luck in the coming weeks.